Mission Statement


Recognizing the unique position of this facility’s close proximity to campus, the Station provides intensive research, instruction, and outreach support for the UW-Madison College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). The Station also encourages linkages between urban and rural communities by demonstrating the value of agricultural research to all citizens.

The West Madison Station serves the following roles for CALS:

1) To provide research support to faculty and staff for field plot research. Being relatively close to the UW-Madison campus, the station is convenient for projects which are labor intensive or need daily attention throughout the majority of the growing season; We maintain a high capacity well for irrigating crops on demand.  We also indirectly support animal research by providing animal forage for campus research rations; this requires producing/storing forage as well as manure handling services.

2) to train students through seasonal internship programs, supported by the Brittingham Trust Foundation. Labor demand is huge and interns gain invaluable hands-on experience and come to realize the true cost of food production. Planting, managing and evaluating over 5,000 plus plants in the gardens for performance is just one of the ongoing tasks; as is maintaining the digital library/photo database, updating website and social media for outreach; scouting, training, and harvesting fruits and vegetables.

3) to provide outreach to community; With WMARS on the west edge of the city near the beltline, it is easily accessible for the community to stop by, ask questions, and obtain information without having to go downtown to the UW Campus. The station serves as a first stop/one stop shop for inquiries by local growers via field days, tours, workshops and schools.

4) To provide various services to CALS departments – primarily Dairy Science, Animal Sciences, Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine at Charmany Instructional Facility, Walnut Street Greenhouse, Campus Greenhouse, D.C. Smith Greenhouse, O.J. Noer Turfgrass Facility, Allen Centennial Gardens, Wisconsin Ag and Life Sciences Alumni Association, Demeter, and CALS student groups.