Organic Gardening Seminar – August 4

Radishes Grown Organically

Please join Bill Wright, Director of the Green Bay Organic Learning Center and staff of the University Display Gardens at the UW-West Madison Ag. Research Station for a day learning how to grow organically.  The training will be held at the eight acre UW- Madison, University Display Gardens – West Madison Ag. Research Station.

Trellising of Cucumbers

Trellising of Cucumbers

Bill will be presenting everything from the basics of organic growing to the more advanced management and growing techniques.   Garden staff will be demonstrating how they grow all the plant selections organically.  This section will include outdoor demonstrations and talks.  The focus will be on vegetables.  However, annual flowers, perennials, and fruits will be discussed also.

To see more and for registration check the link:  Organic Veg Gardening School-2