Seedless Table Grape Update

We encountered a few disappointments this year in the table seedless table grape trials and some great overwintering success.  And we added three new selections that are exciting.  We will be adding a fourth in early June.

Canadice, Interlaken, Lakemont, Marquis, Vanessa, and Venus each sustained some winter damage this year.

Canadice – One vine has many dead primary and secondary buds.  Two vine are very vigorous and producing great flower clusters.  This cultivar will be monitored this summer to evaluate fruit production on existing vines. The flavor and fruit production in 2009 was tremendous so we are still unwilling to remove it from our trials.

Interlaken – One whole vine of the three died, the other two broke bud, but are not growing very vigorously.  June growth and development should be the point where we decide if this selection needs to be removed.

Lakemont – This selection had less damage than the others listed above.  All three vines overwinter well.  A few primary buds died.  Secondary buds are developing.  We will post more information on this selection later in June.  Lakemont is one of the white grapes that we have great hope for and will be monitoring very closely all summer.  The fruit has a very spicy taste, and mellow sweetness and would be an unusual seedless grape for Wisconsin.

Marquis – Two vines suffered damage and one seems to be a bit slow in developing.  We will probably be removing this selection in June, unless we see miraculous  growth.

Vanessa – We are watching the development of several vines.  It appears that the vigor is also very low on two vines.  Again, June will tell us more about the recovery or growth of this selection.

Venus – Crown Gall has developed in this selection and two vines have been severely impacted.   We will be trying to save the plants by developing new trunks.  But we may just replant in another location.

The good news:    Somerset Seedless, Trollhaugen, Mars, Einset,  Himrod, and Reliance are doing very well.  No winter damage is evident and flower clusters are numerous on all of the listed selections.

More information will be reported on disease resistance and our projected proposal to use only certified organic sprays this year on the seedless table grapes on the above selections.

The new selections:  Jupiter, Suffolk Red and Thomcord have been added to the trial and we hope for great success in the coming years.  Another new selection will be added in June.  We have found a source for an older Elmer Swenson selection.  This seedless grape is know by two names:  ES 6-4-47 or Montreal Blues.

Keep checking the blog for new updates and please join us for the Wednesday, August 24, Seedless Table Grape and Wine Grape Field Day – 10:00 to 1:00.  No registration required and the program is free to anyone interested in grape production.  We hope to see you in August…..We will be tasting the grapes if the weather cooperates.