The Best Vegetables for 2010

Each year we evaluate a large selection of vegetables varieties in our trial gardens.  A Power Point presentation has been developed that was given at Garden Expo in Madison.  The presentation covers most vegetables you might wish to grow in your gardens.

Savoy Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage

This presentation is attached below so that you may review the selections and choose those that are of interest to you. Descriptions and seed sources can be found on-line for the majority of the seeds, or check your local garden center for plants.

Mars onion

Mars Onion

Those varieties that are in bold and underlined are ones we either new to the trial this year and found to be outstanding performers, or are varieties that we have trialed for several years and found to be the best overall selections.

Varieties that are not in bold or underlined are very good performers from past years trials and will perform well in Wisconsin gardens.

Have fun, good luck growing the varieties we have listed if you so choose, and have fun eating these great treats.


2011 Best Vegetables Power Point