Coming together

We have been working hard in the gardens, getting prepared for the spring madness we all know and love.

Our wine and table grape trials have been pruned and are ready for large luscious berries to swing from their vines.

The fall bearing raspberries have been pruned back to the ground and the spring bearing have been tipped back and are ready to fight off the Japanese beetles.

The blueberries have blossomed their beautiful white and pale pink bell flowers and are developing their sweet bursts of goodness. Soon, we will be putting bird netting over them so we can get to them before the birds do!

Rodger Reynolds and his friend Jim came and installed the first stage to the lasagna garden we will be having in one of our beds this year. We laid down a layer of cardboard and topped it with chopped hay. Rodger will be designing the garden with vegetables and flowers based with a Frank Lloyd Wright influence. It will definitely be cool to come check out!

On Friday, May 11th, we planted two varieties of potatoes and will be planting lettuce in raised beds this week. Today, Monday May 14th, we have also started the sunflower seeds for our organic fungicide trial on powdery mildew.

Our student interns will be arriving on Monday! We are very excited for them to come and guessing they will be ready to get their hands dirty after the semester of sitting in a desk has ended. Just a couple days after they arrive we will be starting to get our flowers and vegetables into the ground! After only a couple weeks we will have most of our plants planted so you can start to come and enjoy watching the gardens grow!