2012 Season has Begun!

Happy Spring everyone! We are excited about this upcoming year and we are sure you are too! As we all know, it has been a crazy spring season so we are curious to see how plants will be affected. We would also love to know how the plants in your gardens are being affected by the late frost so please send a message on what did fine, and what didn’t do so fine. So far here at the display gardens, there has been quite a few wine grape vines that have suffered up to 35% damage on the buds that occurred during those frigid frosty early mornings a couple weeks ago.

A few others we noticed had frost damage was butterfly bush, hydrangeas, and a little on the raspberries. What was the most interesting was some of the trees entire leaf canopy shriveled up and crumbles in your hand when you touch them. It will be interesting to see how these trees recover. Hopefully it won’t be a season of bare trees!

On the positive side, since the cool weather came back, the spring flowering ephemerals, bulbs, and trees have had the longest flowering period that I can remember! It always seems the crabapples and redbuds are a fleeting thought in the hectic days of spring, but this season we have been able to enjoy them day after day, and even week after week.

So far in the gardens, we have been doing spring clean up in all the beds; sawing down grasses, cutting back old flower stalks and tackling the dandelions and quackgrass. Brian and Jenna have been here every day since April 1st getting everything in order for the upcoming season so please stop by the gardens and say Hi!