Family Horticulture Day Activities Galore

How many people in Wisconsin eat ice cream outside in during cold weather………lots.   The Family Horticulture Day on Saturday, May 14 was a great success even though it was rainy, cold, and very windy.   People braved the cold, toured the gardens, picked out their favorite vegetable plants, ate ice cream and popcorn, and had a great time communing with bees, other insects and creatures.

Insects, vegetables and flowers always go together, but when have you seen insects the size of the ones visiting the station on Saturday.  Insects joined in the fun and made fast tracks out of their boxes.

The student Insect Ambassadors brought their collection of Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, and other exotic insects.  Children had a great time, even though some parents cringed, providing walking space for the large   critters.

Visitors learned how to garden in small spaces.  Square Foot gardening, raised beds, and container gardens were a part of Saturday’s program.  Visitors were able to take home plans for beds and containers for patio gardens, in addition to plants for instant gardening pleasure.

Colorful carrots, colored popcorn, fresh from Wisconsin cranberries and Babcock ice cream were all features of the pigment in foods portion of the program.

Many hands-on activities were available for children and their parents.   Children had great fun observing plant parts, at the cellular level, using new technology, practicing being a bee pollinating plants, and making shaken drums using beans, balloons and lot of imagination.

Don’t miss the show next year.  Join us for a great time and an opportunity to experience the wonderful world of plant science.