Seedless Table Grape Trial

In 2007 we planted 15 varieties of seedless table grapes at the West Madison Research Station in the University Display Garden fruit plots. We will be releasing the full results of our trial in early January.

Below you will find our short list of favorites and a little description.

Somerset Seedless Table Grapes

Somerset Seedless

One of our favorite reds at this point is Somerset Seedless.  It has overwintered very well, and produces abundant fruit.   The berries are small but have a very complex taste.

Canadice - Red Seedless Table Grape


Canadice is also one of our favorite reds.  The fruit is beautiful on the vine and extremely complex.  In taste testing this was everyone’s favorite red.  We are still waiting to see how it will grow in 2011.  There was some early bud damage in 2010 due to a May frost and early-April warm temperatures that resulted in our grape vines breaking bud early in mid-April.

Trollhaugen - Blue Seedless Table Grape


One of our favorite blues is Trollhaugen.  It has nice large clusters, the fruit is very spicy and more complex than the old Concord Seedless.   It has overwintered well all 4 winters.

White grapes are still a challenge in Wisconsin.  Our favorites are Interlaken, Lakemont, and Marquis.

Interlaken - White Seedless Table Grape


In 2009 they each overwintered well and produced abundant fruit. Many of  fruiting buds were lost during the spring of 2010 due to early bud break.  However, their fruit is a beautiful green/white with blushes of rose, and we feel worth the wait to see what another year brings.  The taste of each is so spicy and sweet that we have been known to eat five or six clusters in a taste testing session……   We will have more information on these after the 2011 growing season.

2 thoughts on “Seedless Table Grape Trial

  1. My vineyard is in the “Niagra Escarpment” and I would be interested in conducting a few test trials within my vineyard. I already have “Canadice” and its producing well – however it would be nice to see these other varieties tested – especially in this area of the state – there are many small producers in this area and we are always looking for better production and variety – please respond with any info you might have – thanks in advance – Tony

  2. The information on the grape trials is terrific. I will be choosing selections from this list and starting a small table grape production for CSA.